Who will be my valentine?

If there were a Grinch for valentine, that would be me.

I cringe at all those hearts and cheesy decorations. Those sappy songs and silly messages. Valentines is so commercialized, traditionalized, and de-romanticized. Worse, people think that it’s a must to have a date. This makes Feb 14 a pain in the neck:

Georges asked me out. We worked together on a project last year. We’re acquaintances. Fair. Medium built. Soft, long hair. We come from the same college. Sweet. Cute. But not my type. Appears to me as a mama’s boy.

Ross also asked me out. We work in the same department. We have the same set of friends. Tall. Tan. Scruffy. He sneaks out to grasp my hand during odd moments of the office hours. I pushed him away at each time. He has the reputation of being a player. Appears to me like he wants to be a buck fuddy.

Then there’s Jon The guy I fancy. Charming. Funny. Clean. Virtuous. We have common friends. We were classmates at a recent training course. He occasionally says hello to me through SMS. We often bump into each other at a nearby coffee shop. What keeps us apart? Cultural differences– While I’m more of a western girl, he’s an eastern guy. He’s bound to return home after one more year of company training here. I just don’t see myself there. Not that I’m a racist. It’s difficult to leave my life here. Another thing that keeps us apart is my friend. He actually told her that she’s pretty. Damn, I think he likes her! Too bad she doesn’t like him. Too bad he’s not asking any of us out.

I’ve made up my mind on how to spend Feb 14.

You’d have to wait until the next blog post.


~ by savvygirl on February 13, 2008.

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